Sunday, January 6, 2019

Little dress and other things

If you visited my BFF's blog A Romantic Country Home  you saw the little knit dress she made for me for Christmas to hang on my tree. I didn't put up a regular  tree this year other than my 3 ceramic trees and my manger. I also put out my Santa, snowman and caroler collections and that was it. These are the things I love to look at when I sit and have my coffee or tea. Oh, the lovely table runner I made that I can keep out till winter is over. Anyway, to get back to the cute little dress.  The detail roses blow me away...  I need to learn how to make these....  I am hanging the dress in my mini period brownstone house I made over a number of years ago. It is hanging from the changing screen in the mini bedroom.  It has been a while since I posted these rooms so I am going to use them as headers on my blog this year.

I love this little dress and I love it in my house.

BFF has made me a few things that I have put in my mini scenes.  She made me the little birdbath in my patriotic shed scene.

See the gazing ball in with my garden things

I love my fire hydrant.  I always know my house is safe cause it lives right outside the house.

hugs, lj

Friday, January 4, 2019

My Madonna Photo

A great way to start the new year blog is with my photo I took from my visit to Arizona a couple of years ago.  I love this photo.  This image is one of my favorites of the Blessed Mother.

Happy New Year to you all.  I am grateful for your friendship and your comments and I love visiting you to see what you are creating and what is going on in your lives.

Thank you for following me and letting me follow you. You are an inspiration to me. I get so many great ideas from you.

Okay, my latest project is something I was going to use for someone else, but that fizzled out.  So I am making this for me.

Made the one the girl is wearing a few years ago and loved it.  Wore it out.  It was a heavier fabric so don't know how this one will turn out.

This time I am going with the one the guy is wearing cause I want something that zips up the front.

It is so important to take pictures cause now I realize how careful I will have to be to match up the plaid...  Don't look too bad right now but stitching on fleece moves it around, ha ha....

Hugs, LJ

Friday, December 28, 2018

Happy, Happy New Year and Resolution Quilt

Hi, I have a resolution to make a lightweight quilt for summer.  My civil war quilt is so warm that I need something for summer.   I have decided to use voile or a light weight batik for the top and either a bamboo or light white flannel for the batting.  A matching colored sheet for the back.  I have read that many don't use a batting in a lightweight quilt but I think I want one because New England does have some cool nights and depending upon the weight of the top fabric I don't want it to show through so white flannel may be  a good choice for the batting.    Now I have to look for a design.  Thinking of a nine patch with large squares in a nice floral print, matching plain color and perhaps leaves in the nine patch.  Have to check out because I have used them before and have had good luck with them. And of course a lightweight, gauzy fabric for the curtains.

Some Ideas:

These would be only  two colors for the blocks with the floral and maybe a white.  The floral as the curtain fabric.

I like the idea of using 3 fabrics, the hydrangea as one with the leaves as two, and a white to use in the block.

And a white gauzy fab for the curtains.

This is all in my head for now and can change while I look at fabrics...

Hugs, LJ

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Lovely Christmas Day

Another wonderful Christmas spent with family.  A new addition added to our holiday is my GS's girl friend, a lovely girl.

Here are a couple items I made and  didn't post.

This is a lesson planner for my GD.  I made a bookcover that was so much fun to make.

Dang,  I thought I took a pic of the crystal owl I used as a bookmark but cant find it.  I need to remember where I put things on my puter, lol....

A fun table topper for the beer lovers in the family

Back of topper.

What goes well with beer?

Nuts of course!

An infinity scarf made with cuddle minky….

So dang soft...…

I made 6 of these buggers....

This is the hardest stuff to cut and to sew on to keep straight.

A couple were a bit wonky but most were good.

Being a scarf it isn't noticeable....

Hope your Christmas was wonderful.

Hugs, LJ

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Gnome Knows.....

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Christmas is a week away....

  I still have a few things to do.  A couple more gifts to make,  more cookies and a lasagna to bake....  Still plenty of time.

I WILL get it all done....

This is my Christmas gift to me!  It will be a big help in my sewing room.  I have been wanting one of these forever....  Now I will be able to cut out fabric without the use of two or three rulers...  Yay...They go for 70 bucks but I used a 50% coupon at Joann's and looky... looky…

This will cover the bottle of wine - a secret santa gift...

Easy to make but messy cutting the fur. 

Isnt he just too stinkin cute!!! Whoops, pics speak volumes, I need to trim his beard.

Hugs, LJ 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Table runner and gifts from a friend

Gifts from my bff Jean from a romantic country home.  Isnt this ornament the cutest ever.  She hand knitted this little dress.  I cant believe how intricate the roses are.  Wow, thanks girl....

A mug rug for my hubby she also made.

He has a table by his chair and this will be used so much.

Cutest mug rug ever....

Back of the table runner I made for someone for Christmas

table runner front

Still working on stuff.  Sent out cookies to some of the family today.

knitting a dog sweater, and have 2 more gifts to sew.

I am getting there.

Still no solution to my blogger prob.  Some comments get published others don't.  I notice that after I sign in it still says to sign in above but lets me post anyway.  Will deal with it after Christmas.  Please know that I did comment to the people that comment to me and if it isn't showing up I don't know what to do about it.

hugs to all, LJ